Why Choose Us?

There a number of ways you can sell your caravan; national media like Autotrader, motorhome and caravan magazines, local advertising, web advertising, ebay or even putting a for sale sign in the window. You’ve probably tried selling things through these routes before. The problem is that the costs can mount up and you have absolutely no idea how long it might take to find a buyer, if at all.

There are also the added security issues of having strangers looking over your caravan and home and whether their cheque will bounce. This explains why most people shy away from trying to sell privately. So what options does that leave? Selling to a dealer? Yes, but this is certainly the option that will give you the lowest price.

What's the Next Step?

The first step is for us to value your caravan. This is very easy, free and completely without obligation. Simply enter your caravan's make in the box at the top of the page and then complete the short form that appears. Caravans have many variations and we may need to call you with a few additional questions, so please do include your phone number.

Value My Caravan