Frequently Asked Questions

How much will you charge me for selling my caravan?

Depending on which route you choose, you will either be charged an auction fee or a brokerage fee. We will discuss the fees with you so that you are clear on this before you make your decision. The important point is that in all discussions regarding value and price we refer to the amount you will receive when your caravan sells. So, if you tell us you want £5,000 for your caravan, you will get £5,000 after our commission has been deducted from the sale price.

What sort of caravans are you interested in?

Every sort: any make, any model, any layout, new, old, large, small – we welcome them all and sell them all.

How do you value my caravan?

Caravans are unique. It is very difficult to find a direct comparison for a caravan that is coming onto the market for sale. This is where our experience counts. Not only do we have many years of experience in the caravan business but we are dealing on a daily basis and so have up to the minute knowledge on what is selling and how much it is selling for.

Is there any commitment?

No, we operate on a no sale, no fee basis. If you ask us to sell your caravan and the next day you sell it yourself – no problem. There are no fees and we won’t fall out over it!

Can I come and see you?

Of course, we’d be delighted to see you. Come and have a chat over a coffee before making up your mind.

What are the options for selling?

There are three options for selling. We will discuss each of these with you and you can decide which suits you best. And you can change your mind - if you originally opted for brokerage but then find you need the cash quickly to get a bargain on your next caravan, no problem. We’ll get you a cash offer, or you can put your caravan in to our next auction.

Who will I be dealing with?

You will only be dealing with a member of our friendly team. No strangers or touting advertisers will call you. You will know the names of the people in our office who will be working to help you achieve your goal.

How quickly will my caravan sell?

Obviously there are a number of variables here. The best case scenario is that through our matching service we already have someone looking for a caravan like yours. It does happen and we do sell caravans the same day. If it takes a little longer we will keep you updated on interest and continue to review your options with you.

How do I get paid?

When your caravan sells, we will not release it to the buyer until we have cleared funds in the bank. When the transaction is complete and we have cleared funds we will send you payment.

What if I don’t have time to bring my caravan to you?

No problem, we’ll come and collect it from you. We do make a charge for this, but it is based purely on the cost of getting it back to our site – we do not make a profit from caravan collections!